Cafe Lunatic

What is Café Lunatic?

Between the alleyways of the busiest streets and partially hidden behind huge billboards, the smell of freshly baked pastries, tea and coffee waft from a well-worn door with steel cursive lettering. As the door creaks open, a tiny bell chimes to announce your arrival.

The lights are dim, but you can clearly make out the features of room. The walls are painted in a dark green and blue that looks nice with the red of the seats. Tiny lights embedded in the dark ceiling shine softly. No wonder the room is so dim.

There are other customers in the café. There is a five-year old child, his shoes devoid of feet as he sat cross-legged in his seat. A young man in a cheap seat, perhaps a university student or young businessman, sips from his cup as his eyes slowly drift down the page. You try not to stare at the grandmother knitting in the corner, her needles clicking almost inaudibly as her ears are plugged to a cassette player.

Your waiter leads you to a carved mahogany table that is barely enough for two people. A small desk lamp sits on the table, just far enough that you wouldn’t knock it over. You timidly perch on the edge of your chair as the waiter hands you a menu. He silently stalks into the kitchen for your drink. Tentatively opening the menu, you realize that the room is too dark so you turned on the lamp. The dark pages fade into words. You lean into your chair, absently noting how the armrests are at the right height and how the chair is molded perfectly for your body. Perhaps you will wonder where this café had bought the chair.

The sound of ice bumping against a glass made you look up and see gentle curls of steam rise from the waiter’s tray. The waiter sets down your drink of choice and smirks as you made your order. An elegant finger points at your menu. Your eyes follow the finger as you realize the words are shifting, fading and reappearing in a comfortable font. You barely hear the waiter walk away as your eyes eagerly consume the words…

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