Monday, 4 May 2015

Not Enough Love: Yu Wo

So after a long time of not posting... I decide to start posting again.


Errr... I'm not Kakashi, so simply put. It's me, being lazy.

Anyways, so I'm starting a Not Enough Love section, where I (almost?) weekly put up a recommendation on stories that just don't get enough love.

Legalities are definitely going to get a way in this as I will recommend things that may not have been licensed to be bought in North America, so as soon as I know where or how to get said product, I'll update the posts.

First up is my favourite Taiwanese author, Yu Wo ( 御我 ). She writes light novels (in the Western side of the world, we call them novellas) with a strong focus on fantasy and sci-fi.

I first encountered 1/2 Prince or 1/2 王子 when I was surfing through the net for interesting (non-licensed) manga to read. I mean, look at the gorgeous art!

image from

It is the year 2100 A.D. With the arrival of the game 'Second Life', the realism level in virtual reality games have finally reached 99%.  Feng Lan, our female protagonist, has gotten into an argument with her twin brother over whether or not female gamers can be strong without using their female "attributes". Due to the high realism levels, gender switching is banned, however Feng Lan became the first and only transvestite in the game because she is the first player into the game.

Hilarity ensues as Feng Lan (under the username Prince) suffers from rabid wolves fangirls, crazy suitors friends, family issues (her brother didn't recognize her in the game and sees her as a rival hot guy out to charm ladies), and gender confusion. So much gender confusion.

An important note: This story was written in 2009, during a time which homosexuality is still considered a taboo in Taiwan. Therefore, please try to understand that jokes on sexual orientation is meant to be light-hearted.

You can read the stories for free here. The author has given permission for her work to be translated and placed on the site.

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