Thursday, 13 June 2013

What had happened?

Life happened, the product of being a lax writer. I'm writing at 2:47 in the morning because I realized how long it had been since I last wrote.

Since I last wrote, many things happened:
- I got older.
- I'm almost done school. A whole semester flew past in the span of me uttering 'what happened?'
- Moved everything back home from my university (4 hours away) in the span of one car ride. Was very squished and forgot to return some books to my friend.
- Missed AnimeNorth due to a lack of funds. Sadly, I will miss AnimeNorth next year as well due to BEA being on the same weekend.
- Found a day job - in a restaurant. Now have even more respect for people working in the food industry, especially waiters and waitresses in the buffet style restaurants.
- Working on version 2.5 of Cyndia
- Transferred most of my stash of 'memory souvenirs' into a scrapbook... at least until my glue ran out. (Will write more on this later)
- Started looking for Canadian author's conferences and expos... so far, I found a whole bunch in Vancouver.
- Learned how to clean a frozen yoghurt machine.

The last one happened yesterday. It was interesting, watching the machine go 'hum.... glub, glub, glub' before and after you take out parts of the machine to clean it.

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